Steelers news: Tyson Alualu spurns Jaguars to re-sign with Pittsburgh

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Despite almost going back to the team that drafted him, defensive tackle Tyson Alualu spurns the Jacksonville Jaguars to stick with the Pittsburgh Steelers on a two-year deal.

Tyson Alualu backs out of his initial deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars to remain with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The former Cal standout had been a former No. 10 overall pick by the Jaguars in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Alualu spent his first seven NFL seasons in Jacksonville uniform. He woefully for Pittsburgh ahead of the 2017 NFL season where he had spent the last four years with the Steelers. But with a change of heart, Alualu will not be heading back to Duval County in 2021, and is signing a two-year deal to stay in the Steel City.

Tyson Alualu’s free-agency maneuver only adds to this underrated rivalry

Though the Jaguars have not done a ton of winning in their days as a franchise, for whatever reason, they usually play up against their former AFC Central foes. Jacksonville famously beat Pittsburgh in a high-stakes shootout at Heinz Field during the 2017 AFC playoffs. The Jaguars won on the road to reach their third AFC Championship Game in franchise history. Alualu lost that day.

While most people will probably forget about this transaction in the months to come, you better believe there will be someone in Jacksonville who will remain absolutely furious that a former Jaguars star spurned their beloved team like this.

Perhaps Alualu thinks he will win more on a win-now Steelers team? Then again, Jacksonville cannot be worse than the Jaguars were a season ago.

Alualu going back to the Steelers only adds even more intrigue into this underrated AFC rivalry.